Providing respectful and effective counselling for individuals and couples.

In this counselling space I aim to create a safe environment where you can expand your awareness and self-acceptance. By providing careful attention and support as you explore your experiences, emotions and reactions, these sessions offer an opportunity for insights and lasting changes. By bringing kind awareness to what is currently happening, then exploring new ways of responding to life, effective therapy can release you from the grip of unhelpful and limiting patterns and guide you in developing new and happier ways of being.

This counselling service provides a confidential and compassionate setting where, as an individual, couple or family group, you can be personally guided in exploring your struggles, concerns and interests.

Psychotherapy literally means therapy for the mind. Through the mind we experience ourselves and interpret our world.  Although this mental process impacts our emotions, body and spirit, it mostly happens out of our awareness. We can’t always change our environment but, with mindfulness, we can change how we relate with it, how we interpret, think and process life. Through such changes greater ease and happiness are possible.

Counselling with Fiona can help you with:

  • relationship counselling and family therapy
  • depression, anxiety and stress
  • grief and loss
  • anger issues and assertiveness 
  • trauma and phobias
  • perfectionism
  • shame and self-doubt
  • addictions and substance use issues
  • enhancing well-being and personal development
  • meditation and integration of spirituality
  • professional supervision